We lost our daughter Rachel Michelle Gamble on April 29, 2018. One day she is physically fine then suddenly our healthy girl became sick and within thirty-six hours she had left us. It was sudden, it was unexpected and it was devastating.


Rachel will always be remembered as someone who brought joy and happiness to those around her and she saw the best in everyone. She had a zest for life and approached each and every obstacle before her with a heartwarming smile and a positive attitude. Her passion in life was to not only fulfill her own life goals but to make an impact on the lives of those around her.


We truly feel she was destined to make that impact, not only in her community and among those she loved, but with those who never had the opportunity to meet her, the chance to know our special girl.


With this in mind, we have started the Rachel Gamble Memorial Fund. We feel that through this fund we will be able to not only honor Rachel’s legacy but also help others who face the same challenges in life that Rachel met with such style and grace.


The Rachel Gamble Memorial Fund was established to provide college scholarships for graduating student-athletes at East Hamilton High School who share Rachel's spirit, character, and heart for others. The fund will also sponsor student-athletes who wish to attend Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Camps, help with the cost of local FCA Huddle Groups and youth mission trips, as well as care for the Chattanooga homeless community. As the fund grows, our hope is to provide assistance to many East Hamilton community organizations that embody Rachel’s passions.

Join up with is for the 21st annual

Grateful Gobbler 5K Walk/Run!

For the third year, we invite you to join us on Thanksgiving morning as we walk the Grateful Gobbler on team Remembering Rachel!


This year the walk will be virtual and although we won’t all gather together, we invite you to walk in your neighborhood, local park, or anywhere you find yourself on Thanksgiving morning to support the Chattanooga homeless, a cause dear to Rachel’s heart. As many know, Rachel had a passion for helping the homeless and one of the ways she did that was by waking up early 14 consecutive Thanksgiving mornings to walk the Grateful Gobbler, which benefits the Maclellan Shelter for Families.


To register, visit the below link and sign up for the walk under the group “Remembering Rachel.” It is $35 to walk and all funds go to the Maclellan Shelter. We will have team t-shirts again this year to unite us across the city and beyond as we walk together and remember Rachel while helping others!

Smokey Dust Grilling Rubs donates $5,000

to the Rachel Gamble Memorial Fund!

Thank you to Smokey Dust Grilling Rubs for their donation to the Rachel Gamble Memorial Fund!

This generous donation will give back to the community through college scholarships for student-athletes,

mission trip sponsorships and more.


For donations by check:

Rachel Gamble Memorial Fund

PO Box 28381

Chattanooga, TN 37424

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